Podcast with Nick Shockey: Open Access and psychology students

Nick Shockey, the Director of the Right to Research Coalition which EFPSA joined in 2011, hosted a workshop for psychology students attending the annual EFPSA Congress in Denmark last week. The workshop was attended by over 30 congress participants including the newly elected EFPSA President, Dalya Samur. It covered topics ranging from what Open Access is to how students can get involved in advocating Open Access at their universities and national and international organizations.

Since the workshop provoked great interest among the participants of the congress, we decided to make an interview* with Nick on the topic of open access journals and advocacy of open access, and what does all that mean to psychology students.

*Special thanks to Lorenz Jaeger, EFPSA’s European Summer School Junior Coordinator, for leading this interview with me.

Ivan Flis

Ivan Flis is a PhD student in History and Philosophy of Science at the Descartes Centre, Utrecht University; and has a degree in psychology from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. His research focuses on quantitative methodology in psychology, its history and application, and its relation to theory construction in psychological research. He had been an editor of JEPS for three years in the previous mandates.

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  • Miya

    Hi there :)

    I am sooo interested in your program,and also I would like to be a part of you. However, I am lost on your website, so I hope you won´t hesitate to write me back.
    I am student od Psychology, studying in Slovakia, capital Bratislava, specifically- Paneuropean university. Although I am making my Bc. just first year I keen on to go abroad and broaden my mind as much as it is possible.

    Please, just let me know what formalities need to be done.

    I am sorry for to be lost little bit.

    Miya Ferancová

  • Ivan Flis

    Hey Miya!

    Great to see you’re interested this early in your studies. What are you interested in exactly – EFPSA, the journal or open access advocacy? Or all three?

  • dnordin

    how do I play the interview?! I cannot seem to find the button

  • Ivan Flis

    Heya. Thanks for the comment, we haven’t noticed the link was broken when the WordPress platform got updated. There’s a working link leading to the interview up there now!