Editors’ Picks: Summer Reading List

So, your semester has ended and you are already bored by how much time the holidays freed up?
Do you want to dive deeper into issues around psychological science, but did not know where to start?

For the next weeks, we are going to be sharing our JEPS editors’ recommendations for your summer readings & listenings on different psychological topics. These will include all sorts of media, from newspaper articles or podcasts to journal articles we thought you should definitely read.

We will be continously updating this list over the summer and have decided to group our suggestions broadly by topic. These topics are (in order of publishing):

And if you have any suggestions yourself, just comment down below for all interested readers out there. We might even add it to the post!

Open Science

Have you heard about the replicability crisis and other issues psychology is currently facing? Are you interested in learning about Open Science, the movement that seeks to tackle these problems?


Science journalist Dan Engber summarises the impact that Daryl Bems journal article had on psychological science, guiding you through the historical context of the paper and introducing Daryl Bem as a person – it is a capturing short read, especially for people not used to the technical details yet.


Restricted access to research content can be a very frustrating thing. Jason Schmitt’s documentary questions the rationale behind the widely present paywalls and discusses the issue with many prominent figures within the modern publishing world.


The flaws in the scientific publishing system do not apply only to the field of psychology – yeah, we are not in this mess alone. And we need to collaboratively work on practical solutions to get out of this, which is exactly the aim of this podcast. In this regards, the authors, Kambiz Chizari and Ilyass Tabiai, interview researchers and developers of Open Access platforms, such as Zenodo and Scipedia.

ReproducibiliTea is a wonderful, tea-themed journal club by three (former) Oxford scholars (one being former JEPS Editor Sophia Crüwell), discussing introductory papers all around open science as well as inviting special guests. Especially suited for early-career researchers, as discussion points come from their prespective (both the hosts as well as the guests).

Online Course

Future Learn is an online education platform offering a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions. For Open Science enthusiasts who wish to learn how to make one’s own research more transparent, reproducible, and responsible, we recommend following the page and enrolling in their ‘Transparent and Open Social Science Research’ course when they open it up again. However, we also encourage you to explore other course options of this amazing platform.

Leonhard Volz

Leonhard Volz

Leonhard currently is in his bachelor's studies in psychology and in statistics at the University of Vienna and a student assistant at the Educational Psychology department. His main areas of interest are research methodology and knowledge transfer in interdisciplinary psychological research - under the banner of Open Science principles. His personal happy moments are when he finds the time to open up a novel again.

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