Educational Resources

We would like to offer a collection of resources for educational purposes. This include online courses, tutorials, blogs, book tips and websites that we found to be helpful in our science and research practice.

  • This free online courses by Udemy offers an introduction to the language R and Python
  • Andy Field is the author of various textbooks about statistics. His books, his website as well as video tutorials on his youtube channel provide quick and easy help with statistics and SPSS as he explains it in a very approachable, understanding way.
  • Datacamp offers online courses about data science where they introduce you to R or Python in an interactive way. The introduction is free of charge but as the course continues you have to pay a fee.
  • Daniel Lakens Coursera courses about meta-science, research methods and applied statistic helps developing methods to review and structure studies.
  • You might sometimes loose the big picture of complex structures within the brain in neuroscientific research. helps to locate and navigate through brain areas, offers a selection of different brain mapping tools.
  • YaRrrr: This free online book introduces you to the basic analytical tools in R, from basic coding and analyses, to data wrangling, plotting, and statistical inference.