JEPS Ambassadors

JEPS Ambassadors (JA) is a project founded in 2017, with a double purpose in mind:

Firstly, JA are all psychology students who volunteer as representatives of the Journal at their respective Universities and/or cities. They are easily approachable for fellow students who would like to learn more about JEPS, and organize initiatives to introduce the service to their peers, for example by the delivery of presentations throughout the academic year. By doing this, JA help psychology students all over Europe potentially achieve a first official publication, which ensures that the often valuable data that’s gathered for theses (or other research assignments) does not go to waste.

Secondly, the Ambassadors work together with the JEPS Editorial Team to set up initiatives (e.g. workshops, informative JEPS Bulletin articles, social media campaigns, etc.) that educate and promote the values of open science, solid research practices and critical analysis. By raising awareness and educating the academics of the future directly, JEPS aims to do its part in addressing some highly relevant issues in the current scientific landscape (e.g. publication bias, p-hacking, etc.) that continually threaten the community’s credibility and effectivity.

Here you can find a map with an overview of all our current JEPS Ambassadors: